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Podcast Series Provides Strategies to Encourage Positive Behavior Change

TMF Health Quality Institute Releases Podcast Series Focused on Tips for Motivational Interviewing

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CONTACT: Emilie Fennell
Director, Communications and External Relations

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 9, 2023—Conversations about change can be challenging. In this four-part podcast series about motivational interviewing, TMF Health Quality Institute, a leading nonprofit health care consulting company, shares a variety of simple tools and strategies designed to use a person’s own motivations to encourage behavior change and vaccine acceptance.

Motivational Interviewing Tips in 10 Podcast #1: Giving GRACE
In this first episode, TMF health care consultants introduce the concept of motivational interviewing and the GRACE tool, which uses nonjudgmental conversation to help someone understand their own “why” for making a change.

Motivational Interviewing Tips in 10 Podcast #2: Moving Forward with OARS
Without using the motivational interviewing basic communication skills, you can miss an opportunity to help someone make a change. This episode discusses how to quickly build trust and rapport, enabling you to understand motivation and the factors making change difficult.

Motivational Interviewing Tips in 10 Podcast #3: Relating with RULEs
Listening with empathy and understanding allows others to get unstuck, clarify values, explore the pros and cons of tough decisions and open doorways to change. This episode provides easy-to-use tactics to help with the willingness to explore options and gain vaccine acceptance.

Motivational Interviewing Tips in 10 Podcast #4: Adopting the DARN CAT
The ultimate goal in using motivational interviewing is to empower others in developing change talk. The more change talk that people do, the more likely they are to commit to different behaviors. This final episode covers skills to help others recognize their need for change and begin planning for action.

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