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TMF Health Quality Institute

Helping federal, state and local governments improve care

Government agencies rely on TMF Health Quality Institute’s extensive experience and resources to help solve their unique health care challenges.

Who We Are

TMF Health Quality Institute promotes quality health care through contracts with federal, state and local governments, as well as private organizations. For more than 50 years, TMF has been a trusted health care consulting partner that offers solutions to accomplish program goals. We help government agencies and other organizations accomplish the goals of better health care, better health for people and communities, and affordable care. As health care quality improvement experts, we can assist physician practices, health systems and other health care providers in transforming care delivery and improving health outcomes.

What We Do

TMF develops and implements a broad array of health care quality improvement projects. TMF’s programs and services—ranging from quality improvement consulting and technical assistance to research, data analysis and medical review—engage all aspects of health care. We work directly with physicians and other health care providers across the country.

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