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Federally Qualified Health Centers

Young woman showing support TMF Health Quality Institute aims to support Federally Qualified Health Centers in underserved areas, including federally designated Health Center Program Awardees, federally designated Health Center Program Look-Alikes, and certain outpatient clinics associated with tribal organizations. Federally Qualified Health Centers provide a comprehensive set of health services, including primary care; mental health and substance abuse; chronic disease management; preventive care; and ancillary services, which may include radiology, laboratory, dental, transportation, translation and social services.

TMF is uniquely qualified to provide individual technical assistance, consultation and training on the following topics:

  • Behavioral health integration (e.g., mental health and substance abuse screening, clinical interventions, workflows, tracking and reimbursement)
  • Social needs screening, intervention and partnership development
  • Telehealth/virtual care
  • Team-based care, communication and handoffs
  • Panel management and preventative care
  • Advanced access
  • Population health/risk stratification
  • Quality improvement training and implementation
  • Behavioral health/social work integration into primary care
  • Data, measurement and analytics
  • Care management and coordination
  • Budgeting for value-based reimbursement
  • Public health per COVID-19 (e.g., health education)
  • Smile Proud

We can work with you to determine the best strategy for your organization and work along sides you to meet your goals.