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Comprehensive Primary Care+

Supporting the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus Regional Learning Network

Staff holding video conferencePrior to the program end, TMF supported the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) Regional Learning Network from initiation to its ending in January 2022. CPC+ focused on strengthening primary care through regionally based multi-payer payment reform and care delivery transformation. The CPC+ Regional Learning Network built on TMF’s achievements in CPC Classic, the earlier model occurring from 2012 to 2016. CPC+ was a Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) model that sought to improve the quality of care patients receive, improve patient health and spend health care dollars more wisely. CPC+ supported nearly 3,000 primary care practices, comprising 13,090 clinicians and serving more than 1.76 million Medicare beneficiaries.

In addition to participating in the initial design and implementation of central support for the CPC+ Regional Learning Network, TMF provided practice facilitators in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Greater Philadelphia and Michigan. These facilitators were local and understood the unique regional dynamics, the health care landscape and the complexities of primary care. They helped practices navigate the requirements of CPC+ through coaching and region-specific outreach including CPC+ learning events in their respective regions.

Supporting the CPC+ National Learning Network

TMF provided subject matter expertise for CPC+ National Learning Network contract deliverables. TMF’s chief medical officer and TMF’s director of behavioral health integration provided perspective on the learning needs of practices participating in CPC+.

Supporting CPC+ Payer Partner Engagement and Alignment Model

TMF was a member of the team awarded the CPC+ Payer Partner Engagement and Alignment contract. Through stratified regional payer convening support and the creation of a cross-regional, payer-centric learning system, TMF facilitated engagement and alignment with value-based care and the CPC+ model. This function was vital to the overall success of the CPC+ multi-payer model, leveraging opportunities, sharing best practices across regions, and improving alignment of financial support to accelerate primary care transformation. TMF fostered productive and engaged regional payer environments, supported a National Payer Community engaging payer partners in learning and collaboration across regions and provided ongoing monitoring support for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).