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QI Publications

TMF is pleased to share our latest quality improvement (QI) reports, white papers and referred publications. We aim to disseminate important QI information to advance the health care quality space.

Recruiting in Quality Improvement: Successful Strategies to Promote Engaged Participation (PDF) -- Developed after extensive research, this white paper offers a comprehensive look at recruitment strategies for health care quality improvement (QI) work.

Addressing Social Determinants of Health: The Need for Provider-Community Collaboration
Authors: Kohl, R., Calderon, K., Daly, S.
November 2018

Reducing Administrative Burden: Refocusing on Patient-Centric Care
Authors: Kohl, R., Calderon, K., Daly, S., Hanson, C.
May 2018

Integrating Behavioral Health into Primary Care: Lessons Learned from the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative
Authors: Kohl, R., Calderon, K., Daly, S., Richardson, T., Bradley, W.
July 2017

Patient Portals: A Streamlined Approach to Engaging Patients
Authors: Kohl, R., Calderon, K., Daly, S.
April 2017