Early ID of Sepsis in Texas Nursing Homes

Early Identification of Sepsis in Texas Nursing Homes

Sepsis is the body’s overwhelming and life-threatening response to infection. It affects more than 1 million Americans each year: 258,000 of those people die.

Sepsis can lead to tissue damage and organ failure, leaving thousands of survivors with lifelong aftereffects. Not all infections develop into sepsis; however, a localized infection can rapidly progress to full-blown sepsis – within just hours. In these cases, early recognition and treatment are key to saving lives. Early recognition involves paying attention to a combination of symptoms and signs.

Sepsis is a medical emergency – every minute counts!

The purpose of this project is to improve early identification of sepsis in nursing homes in order to decrease the morbidity and mortality associated with severe sepsis and septic shock. The education will also assist in decreasing readmissions related to sepsis.

The education is one hour and includes a powerful video by Sepsis Alliance. Knowledge increase will be monitored with pre- and post-education assessments. Following the education, participants will each receive a training toolkit that includes a Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation, handouts and resources to share with staff, residents and their families, as well as all the information needed to easily deliver the education to staff. To ensure knowledge is sustained, TMF encourages nursing homes to include sepsis training in new-hire orientation and annual competencies. Additionally, TMF team members will follow up with participants post-education to assess for ongoing needs and answer any questions.

Sepsis Post-Acute Care Training Toolkit

Training Materials

Sepsis Education Training Toolkit Instructions (PDF)

Post-Acute Care Training: Early Identification and Treatment of Sepsis (72MB ZIP, includes PowerPoint Presentation and MP4 Video)

Onsite Training Sign-In Sheet (PDF)

Corporate Training Sign-In Sheet (PDF)


Sepsis Clinical Tools

Post-Acute Care Sepsis Early Identification and Treatment Pathway (PDF)

SBAR for Sepsis: Rehabilitation, Long-Term Acute Care, Nursing Home (PDF)

Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Sepsis Stoplight Zone Tool: Signs and Symptoms of Sepsis at Home (PDF)

Training Assessments

Sepsis Education Pre-Assessment (PDF)

Sepsis Education Post-Assessment (PDF)

Sepsis Education Assessment Answer Test Key (PDF)

Sepsis Education Evaluation (PDF)

Additional Handouts

Early Identification of Sepsis Saves Lives (PDF)

Sepsis: What Is It? Flyer (PDF)

Sepsis: Every Minute Counts! (PDF)

Tools Available in Spanish

Post-Acute Care Sepsis Early Identification and Treatment Pathway (PDF)

Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Sepsis: Every Minute Counts! (PDF)

Sepsis Stoplight Zone Tool: Signs and Symptoms of Sepsis at Home (PDF)

Sepsis: What Is It? Flyer (PDF)

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