Improving Nursing Home Quality of Care Through the Civil Money Penalty Reinvestment Program

In its ongoing effort to care for the nation’s most vulnerable populations, in 2017 the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services launched the Civil Money Penalty Reinvestment Program (CMPRP) to drive improvements in care for nursing home residents through Civil Money Penalty funds (CMPs). This three-year effort, funded by the federal portion of CMPs, supports activities to protect nursing home residents.

Deloitte Consulting LLC, TMF, Pathway Health and Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) are collaborative partners to achieve the project’s goals, including reducing adverse events; improving dementia care; and improving staff sufficiency, competency and performance. This program has the potential to drive large-scale national improvements in quality of care and life across skilled nursing facilities.

TMF and its partners are conducting meaningful research to create tools to help staff comply with long-term care regulations, improve their competencies and enhance resident-centered care. TMF is responsible for wide-scale, national-level diffusion of evidence-based practices and reviewing applications of nursing homes requesting to use CMP funds to benefit residents. TMF will work closely with leading industry associations, QIN-QIOs and federal and state agencies to drive quality improvement. .