My Lunch Rocks!

My Lunch Rocks!

My Lunch Rocks!The program, My Lunch Rocks!, is an effort to help prevent childhood obesity by educating, encouraging and recognizing children for making healthy eating choices. The project has been initiated in more than 30 cafeterias in the Austin, Leander and Round Rock school districts. Embraced by the Texas Parent Teacher Association, and in partnership with TMF, each participating school campus receives a kit that includes educational posters to hang around the cafeteria and an initial set of stickers that are presented to children identified as making healthy eating choices. As part of the program, parents, teachers, school administrators and community members volunteer to visit with the students during their lunch breaks and reward them with the stickers for eating healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains, healthy protein, skim milk or water.

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“Whether lunch comes from the school cafeteria or from home, it is all too common to see children eating only some components of their lunch, and usually the less-healthy ones. My Lunch Rocks! utilizes positive reinforcement, a sense of fun and the power of adult engagement to catch children eating well.”
~Christine Javonovic, healthy lifestyles chair of the Texas Parent Teacher Association.

Student enjoys a healthy salad while proudly displaying her My Lunch Rocks! sticker.              A student at Winkley Elementary proudly displays his My Lunch Rocks! sticker.